what is a design driven company?

what is a design driven company?

for some time now, organizations of different sizes and sectors have started to use design concepts and tools in product and service development processes. as a good user experience and, consequently, innovation became capital values, the use of these methods became a determining factor to guarantee companies competitive advantages in the market.

however, if, on the one hand, design and its methodologies have improved the delivery of companies and their relationship with consumers, ensuring the success of products and services, on the other hand, it has been functioning as an even greater vector of transformation when understood as a tool to be used at the beginning of the cycle. applied to the structuring of business models, it provides companies with a new strategic perspective on business, making them also evolve in the way they operate both internally and externally.

design driven companies are therefore those that use design as an integrating resource to identify, plan and achieve their goals and objectives. in them, design is also applied at a more structural level, in business strategy as business design, to generate insights and make better strategic decisions.

thus, design promotes a total transformation in company culture, helping teams to understand, create and execute strategies, and cultivate the vision necessary to see new opportunities.

why use design in business strategy modeling?

throughout a company’s value chain, design tools have a lot to contribute, but the reality is that when used as far upstream as possible, the greater the return for the company.

design-driven approaches make it possible to develop strategies based on real insights rather than inferences, as in more traditional strategies. its concepts and tools facilitate the constant improvement of business models, by including steps such as testing, evaluation and adjustment, leading them to become iterative models.

thus, companies that make use of the design repertoire to create their business strategy, in addition to opening space for innovation – which brings immediate gains, develop effective strategies to adapt to a dynamic market, guaranteeing their sustainability and viability. of the long-term business.

how to use strateegia to develop your business strategy?

strateegia brings together some of the main design methodologies used to develop business strategies. transformed into free journeys, they are available on the platform ready to be applied. here below are some of them

one of the most used strategic transformation journeys is the business model, a tool designed to support teams in building business models in an agile and collaborative way.

if the specific objective is the discovery and creation of new markets, the blue ocean strategy journey is the right one. structured to support the design of new business models or innovative products, it focuses on identifying opportunities while seeking to minimize commercial risks.

but if, in addition to generating a strategy, through a business model design journey, there is a concern to ensure that the proposed objectives and goals are achieved, then it is worth checking out the 3 steps journey from strategy to execution.

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