what are the types of interaction in creative collaborations?

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what are the types of interaction in creative collaborations?

4 minutes of reading

in an article published in January 2022, mckinsey points out the excess of disordered interactions as the challenge to be overcome so that organizations can explore communities of creative collaborations in a productive way and with the speed and assertiveness necessary for the success of their businesses.

in the same article, the authors map three types of interactions that they consider critical for organizations:

interaction for decision making, which can be of a simple and routine nature to support the operation of the business, or complex, which demand more structured debates and result in structural decisions for the organization;

interaction to create innovative solutions, which can be incremental to improve existing products, services and processes, or disruptive, which aim to generate new products, services and processes;

interaction for sharing information, which can be unilateral in nature when the shared content is not discussed explicitly with people, or bilateral, where the shared content is discussed in networks of people;

in addition to the three types proposed by the authors, in our experience with the strategegia platform, we identified a fourth type:

interaction for strategic learning. the purpose of this type of interaction is to lead networks of people to learn, collaborating, strategic topics for the organization.

how does strateegia optimize interaction in creative collaborations?

strateegia structures and organizes debates and team choices in decision-making interactions, expanding the potential for divergence and systematizing fundamental convergence to understand the level of consensus in people’s decisions.

the points of divergence in strateegia stimulate the generation of ideas and the maturation of the proposed hypotheses, maximizing the potential of the solutions created by integrating diverse positions and visions. in strategy it is possible to find several methodologies for creating products, services and businesses ready to be applied in one click.

the starting point of any creative collaboration process in strategy are references, information shared both by the people who initiate the collaboration rounds and by the people who participate in the debates, expanding the information and expanding the possibilities of understanding of the people who participate.

finally, in strateegia interactions are developed remotely, between synchronous and asynchronous activities, where the dynamics, true brainwriting processes, allow the recording of all stages, generating the memory of the content worked. thus, it is possible to re-evaluate decisions and redefine strategies, which fully makes the journeys in strategy incremental and iterative.

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