what are creative collaborations?

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what are creative collaborations?

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creative collaboration is a process of purposeful ideation that seeks to develop creative and innovative decisions in a collective and non-hierarchical manner. during the process, all members of a network of people are encouraged to share their divergent hypotheses, aligned with individual experiences and talents, and then start a flow of debates on emerging transformations that point to structuring convergences.

what are communities of creative practice?

a community of creative practices is a network of engaged people who, in the face of any situation in the day-to-day life of organizations, come together to build knowledge around the situation, design and execute a strategy to deal with the situation. communities of creative practices are the cradle of transformation in organizations.

the knowledge built in these media is the result of a continuous process of collaborative learning, the result of the contribution of individuals with varied expertise and perspectives. always of much greater value than the simple sum of individual contributions, the end result is a balance of iterative learning networks, where shared knowledge grows and transforms the environment.

what are the main dynamics that promote creative collaborations?

looking from an abstract perspective, the process of collaborating creatively can be defined from the principles of design thinking proposed by john chris jones in the 1960s: diverging to propose alternatives, emerging to transform alternatives, and converging to choose alternatives.

from this perspective, it is necessary: to involve the greatest number of people in divergence dynamics, ensuring the generation of alternatives; to engage people to debate in emergency dynamics transforming the proposed alternatives; and, to integrate people in dynamics of convergence, guaranteeing the decisive space for all the participants of the creative collaboration network.

what are divergence dynamics?

divergence dynamics are fundamental processes in creative collaboration. it is through them that the group will propose hypotheses to deal with a given situation, without following any specific rule or limitation. the objective is to create a panorama of possibilities, composed of diverse opinions and bringing together the greatest number of alternatives.

in the dynamics of divergence, the members of the network of people participate, with equal representation, suggesting hypotheses built from their knowledge and experiences.

what are emergency dynamics?

in emergency dynamics, people must debate proposed hypotheses considering arguments for and against shared alternatives.

in this phase of the creative collaboration process, hypotheses are transformed by association, exclusion or the addition of arguments that emerge from the debates. the objective here is to transform individual proposals into collective hypotheses so that everyone can then move on to the next stage of the process: the convergence phase.

what are convergence dynamics?

the convergence dynamic is the culmination of a creative collaboration process and has the opposite purpose of the divergence phase. the goal here is to reduce the number of alternatives based on objective and subjective criteria and parameters. as in disagreement, everyone’s opinion has equal weight and value.

after having debated, people need to choose the preferred hypotheses between the many proposals, to then validate the collective choices among them. the objective here is to find consensus.

how about trying a journey in strategy and discovering how to create collaboratively on multiple fronts?

if the theme is usability, Nielsen’s 10 heuristics journey brings together general principles of interaction design and addresses several fundamental aspects of usability of digital interfaces, providing resources to deal with empirical usability questions and helping to identify potential problems and offer solutions .

for any and all sizes of entrepreneurial initiatives, a value proposition canvas journey is an excellent strategic tool. it directs the product or service to meet the needs of the market, generating a delivery of significant value and also helping to outline the company’s marketing strategies, increasing customer attraction and loyalty.

and, to understand and map the ethical risks involved in design and engineering projects in the technology sector, the 7 ethical tools journey is the right one. in it, the focus is to promote discussions and provide subsidies to prevent them, developing an ethical culture in the company and avoiding the bad consequences of ethical failures in the market.

there are also several other journeys with established methodologies, just choose and start.

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