what is the phygital school?

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what is the phygital school?

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the school is a place of learning, of ideation of possible worlds and of revision of lived worlds. as such, it is a fundamental locus that operates a crucial process in the evolution of humanity through the construction of knowledge.

the concept of a connected school has been around for a long time, since the first steps of the internet, but it is only recently that it has become an applied idea. inserted in a physical reality, where the physical, the social and the digital are integrated, it assumes a dimension that expands the possibilities of access to knowledge in a way never before thought, while generating dialogical learning journeys, where networks of people orchestrate the time of learn and build maps, digital traces of their discovery paths.

the phygital school is in essence a school connected to its time and is aligned with fundamental principles of human learning, especially the practices of creation, sharing, collaboration and criticism. a space where masters and apprentices find new roles in the networks of people, in the search and construction of knowledge, a return to the era of discoveries.

a space where knowledge is collectively constructed through collaborative processes that consolidate concepts through the expansion of sources and perspectives. a school that supports learners to develop critical thinking, in any context, through a dialogic and iterative process.

why use strateegia in the phygital school?

the first attempts to combine the classical school with the internet were, and still are, in general, misguided. today’s online classes do not use many of the principles and resources of networks and are flawed in their methodology, eventually becoming simulacra of an anachronistic classroom.

the proposal of a phygital school is dynamic, truly connected and involves a continuous update, in a state of discovery and reformulation, where everything must be ready to change. expanded by the digital, it is also ubiquitous, it is everywhere and at all times, all the time. in it there are no walls, not even borders and learning is a voluntary action that demands engagement from learners.

from this perspective, strateegia presents itself as the appropriate platform for the dynamics of phygital learning, where networks of people participate in structured learning journeys, based on theoretical and practical collaborative activities, which can be carried out synchronously or asynchronously.

in theoretical activities, the learning process is triggered through debates, started with the application of divergence dynamics, to discuss concepts, models and principles of different areas of knowledge and concluded with convergence dynamics, to build a common sense between group participants around the topics studied.

in practical activities, people learn from shared information, working methods and techniques, and collaborate in dynamics of divergence where they propose, debate and select proposals, making strategic and operational decisions to carry out different types of practical activities.

in a phygital class, it is possible, for example, after a presentation of videos or slides, to provide a qrcode that directs students to a journey with study groups in strateegia. there, everyone will be able to access links with more information on the subject addressed in the classroom, and answer structuring questions on the subject in writing, each one in their own time. from there, the group discusses the hypotheses proposed by colleagues and, together with the teacher, builds and consolidates understandings on the topic addressed.

an example similar to this type of dynamic is the journey what is strategy journey, created to discuss the book by the chief scientist of the TDS company, Silvio Meira. a public journey, open to all who want to participate in the debate. for each chapter he created a point of divergence for them to propose their answers and debate with others. the journey can be accessed from the printed book itself and in its electronic version, through qrcodes in the chapters, which direct to the point of divergence on the platform with the question on the topic.

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