a new learning experience with strateegia

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a new learning experience with strateegia

4 minutes of reading

the strateegia platform is revolutionizing the way education, individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence interact and complement each other. the unique combination that our platform provides in terms of integrating these three elements can transform learning and group collaborations, improving the quality of discussions, analysis and decision-making. and here we will show examples of how this can be done, in practice!

integrating education, individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence for collaborative and creative learning

the educational environment is constantly evolving, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), individual intelligence and social intelligence has the potential to significantly improve the quality of education. the strateegia platform emerges as an innovative solution that combines these elements to provide creative and efficient collaborations, raising the level of learning and interaction.

imagine a group of students working together on a multidisciplinary project, where AI and social intelligence are used to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas, improving the final result of the project.

journey of a discipline in strateegia

the example in figure 1 is a real journey of collaborative and creative learning among undergraduate students from the design department at the federal university of pernambuco. in the course, 33 students worked in five groups to design apps exploring the design process and the potential of no code platforms.

debates between students took place in strateegia, both for project decision-making and to discuss fundamental design concepts.

education and the need for change

traditional education faces several challenges, such as geographical limitation, lack of interaction between students and educators, and the difficulty in adapting to the individual needs of students. the strateegia platform seeks to overcome these challenges by integrating education with social intelligence and artificial intelligence.

for example, a student in a remote rural area can have access to the same content and learning resources as a student in a big city, thanks to the flexibility offered by the platform.

journey of a group of gastronomy projects in strateegia

the example in figure 2 is a real journey of collaborative and creative learning among people who participated in a project to support communities of native peoples to work collaboratively and creatively with mentors from large urban centers.

on the journey, five people from different communities designed products based on local cuisine for the national market. during the product creation and definition phase, they all worked together in debates on the strateegia platform collaborating to encourage and support the development of each project.

social intelligence and collaborative learning

social intelligence is the ability to understand, interact, and cooperate with other people in a social environment. the strateegia platform leverages social intelligence to promote collaborative and contextualized sharing of ideas and knowledge. this approach encourages consensus building by developing critical, creative, and collaborative thinking.

consider a group of professionals from different sectors who come together to discuss and propose solutions to a complex problem. social intelligence facilitates the exchange of information and understanding of each individual’s perspectives, resulting in more innovative and effective solutions.

journey of tds.company employees in strateegia

in the example in figure 3, a group of employees from tds.company is debating relevant concepts for the work of phygital strategic consulting, such as the understanding of the phygital environment and contemporary business models compatible with this new scenario.

artificial intelligence and analytics enhancement

artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to improve the quality of discussions and analysis, providing a more efficient and effective learning experience. strateegia uses AI to structure and analyze discussions, helping participants identify patterns, trends and opportunities.

for example, a group of scientists can use the platform to analyze large volumes of data and identify correlations and patterns that would not be easily discernible without the aid of AI, accelerating the process of discovery and innovation.

journey to design artifacts of the future in strateegia

in figure 4 we have a strategy journey created to support young scientists to collaboratively and creatively analyze scenarios and trends to create artifacts of the future.

journeys like this are applied by graduate programs in research and development institutions to encourage the creation of innovative solutions.

the integration between education, individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence

strateegia positions itself as a platform that integrates education, individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence, providing a unique and enriching experience. this combination allows users to learn from anywhere and in their own time, with the flexibility and freedom to connect and collaborate interactively on learning journeys.

imagine a mentoring program in an organization, where mentors and mentees are located in different countries and time zones. the platform facilitates communication and collaboration between participants, allowing them to share knowledge and experiences efficiently.

journey with an international team in strateegia

the example in figure 5 is a journey between mentors and students of an advanced course in innovative business with people from brazil, portugal, uganda, kuala lumpur and canada, participating in collaborative and creative debates on strateegia.

success stories and practical applications

a more detailed example of successful application of the strateegia platform can be observed in a course at a university where the professor faced difficulties in engaging students in constructive debates and promoting the exchange of ideas in courses related to sustainability. by adopting a strategy, the discipline was able to create a collaborative and creative learning environment that encouraged student participation, promoting deeper discussions and collaboration between students, monitors and the professor.

with the integration of social and artificial intelligence, students were able to identify emerging patterns and trends, brainstorm innovative solutions, and develop critical and collaborative thinking skills.

in addition, the professor and the monitors were able to monitor the students’ progress and engagement, customizing the content and support offered to each student according to their needs and interests. as a result, the quality of teaching and learning improved significantly, contributing to the development of professionals who are better prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century.

journey to a postgraduate discipline in strateegia

in the discipline represented in figure 6, students, monitors and the professor participate in structured debates based on texts produced by the intelligent tools of the strateegia platform.

at each new class, the teacher asks the strateegia for a biographical text of a certain author. the texts are made available for students to carry out a critical reading and indicate complementary links about the author to expand the information space before starting the debate.

a postgraduate course text in strateegia

debates about authors take place at points on the journey map in strateegia. the teacher chose to leave the platform’s anonymous mode active and with that everyone debates on an equal footing.

an anonymous debate on the postgraduate course in strateegia

at the end of each class, the teacher uses the intelligent analysis tools of the strateegia platform to check the degree of maturity of the debate held, request a summary of the debate and analyze the performance of each student in the debate. it then publishes these analyzes to the whole class and invites students to an oral conversation about the results of the debate.

analysis of the degree of maturity in a debate on the subject in strateegia

in this subject, classes take place synchronously, with everyone participating in debates where the teacher coordinates reading times, sharing links, responses and comments.

however, at the end of each class, the teacher suggests to the students that they deepen the debate during the week, asynchronously, based on issues emerging from the debate, proposed by the intelligent strateegy tools.

creating the future with strateegia

our platform represents a new approach to education, integrating individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence to create creative and efficient collaborations. this combination has the potential to revolutionize the way people learn, make decisions and solve problems, offering a more enriching, efficient and effective learning experience.

by integrating education, individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence, strateegia paves the way for new opportunities and advances in the field of collaborative learning. as technology evolves, it is expected that strateegia will continue to adapt and incorporate new functionalities and features, further improving the user experience and expanding its impact in various sectors of society.

we recommend the adoption of the platform for educational institutions, companies and government organizations that seek to improve the quality of education and group collaborations. the integration of social and artificial intelligence allows for a more efficient and effective approach to solving complex problems, making decisions and developing critical, creative and collaborative skills.

strateegia represents a unique opportunity to transform the way education, individual intelligence, social intelligence and artificial intelligence are applied and integrated. by adopting its innovative approach, institutions and organizations can significantly improve the quality of learning and collaborations, promoting a more inclusive, efficient and effective environment for all involved. with hypothetical examples and success stories illustrating its potential, strateegia proves to be a promising solution to meet current and future challenges in group education and collaboration.

get to know this powerful tool, boost collaborative learning and the exchange of ideas and create your best future in strateegia now!

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