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7 ethical tools

a journey to help to identify ethical risks in projects of design and engineering in order to prevent them and to develop an ethical culture in a company

SWOT analysis

a structured journey to help to understand the internal and external scenarios of organizations, their interactions and perspectives

AARRR pirate metrics

a journey focused on monitoring and analyzing the entire cycle of consumer interaction with the product or service

distinctive capabilities

a journey that helps organizations identify their critical differentiators and ensure a competitive advantage in the market


journey that builds a diverse panorama of perspectives to arrive at innovative solutions for services, products or processes

golden circle

journey that focuses on three nuclear topics “what, “how” and “why”, and aims to create or develop the value of a new product, idea or business that can impact the market

customer experience strategy

journey focused on the interaction cycle between the company and its customer with the aim of improving the consumer experience

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